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March 16, 2013
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Juniper Lequiste - PKMN-Armonia Application by Heatheru Juniper Lequiste - PKMN-Armonia Application by Heatheru
:new: Juniper Lequiste (PKMN-Armonia) Application by heatherkat :new:

*** NEW Application uploaded, refer to thumbnail link above! Thanks!

*September 2013 - Juniper is officially 1 year old! And she's now 16, woo!
*March 2013 - I decided to update her application art and her quote, otherwise the rest has stayed the same. Old Application
*Should be noted that her hair was inspired heavily by Akemi Homura of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


“I...think I...might like you...”

:bulletblack: Name: Juniper “Jun” Lequiste
:bulletblack: Age: 16 Years
:bulletblack: Gender: Female
:bulletblack: Pokémon: Zorua
:bulletblack: Birthday: August 30 (1998)
:bulletblack: Nature: Impish
:bulletblack: Ability: Illusion
:bulletblack: Hometown: Castelia City

:bulletblack: History:
Juniper was born to two loving parents in the great port city of Castelia. They were often busy working in the business district and Juniper found herself stuck in school since she was a toddler. They had high aspirations for their daughter and hoped that she would one day surpass even their own degree of success by becoming a famous violinist. She was placed next to the infernal instrument since she was a young child, and even though at first Juniper enjoyed playing--she quickly grew bored of practicing. The once beautiful melody of the stringed instrument turned into a daily chore of which she abhorred and dreaded. Aside from violin practice, Juniper was also enrolled in prestigious academies and was often booked daily to attend social training lessons such as flower arrangement classes, garden and tea parties, etc.; and this too added to the busy and stressful life of the young zorua. Despite complaining about this, her parents insisted on her keeping up with her lessons, and slowly this drove her away from them.

Being an only child, her parents impressed all their dreams upon her--but the weight of their expectations only blinded Juniper to their love and caused her to grow hateful of their routine and hectic lifestyle full of big plans and little rewards. She began rebelling in her teens, successfully mastering her inherent ability to disguise her appearance as that of others, and used this to dodge many of the after school activities she was booked for--and then even classes at school. Her parents found out about this delinquent behavior, for her absenteeism was quickly noticed and reported by her teachers. This was their wake-up call, and yet their attempts to have Juniper explain why she was doing this were left unanswered. In her heart she felt that they wouldn’t understand, and that they were granting this attention only because she wasn’t doing what they wanted, rather than out of genuine concern. And so she bade their questions with silence, infuriating her parents and causing them to worry more and more for a long time.

But sometimes the longer you worry about something, the more used to the worry you become, and with time her parents concluded that their daughter was simply entering a phase. She was being a teenager, and she’d grow out of it someday. Juniper was only a child anyway, and eventually she’d play for great crowds in enormous concert halls in the Sinnoh Region and other places they imagined. Never once did they consider that their daughter was only an average violinist or that she may never be able to have the same passion for playing with the bow that she had as a child.

For many years, Juniper was a quiet loner, a shadow in the classroom, a relic of a student--only attending the classes because she was scheduled for them. When her rebellion started she often found herself with plenty of free time, and at first she used this to spend hours at home by herself to do and eat whatever her parents didn't want her meddling with. But as she tired of this, she began exploring the city around her and on one fateful day she found herself outside of the bustling chaos on the streets and surrounded by trees in Central Plaza. The Pokemon here moved slower, and there was a peacefulness to their chatter. No more, “Excuse me!” “Outta the way!” and pushing for Castelia Cones. Dazzled, she stood here at the center, until a flash of feathers caught her eye and she spotted an old Noctowl waving his wing to her in beckoning at a small table covered in tiny game pieces. She looked side to side before pointing to herself and approaching. He nodded to the empty chair across from him and quietly she watched him play a game of chess by himself once, but the second time he taught her how to play the game with him. She came here every day after this and each time they played she tried harder and harder to beat this old Noctowl, but always failed. And yet in her failures with this old bird, she felt more thrilled and excited than she ever had been at school. He slowly began to share old stories with her and he became sort of a mentor to Juniper.

Her new competitive nature followed her back to school and she enrolled herself in the chess club where she found new opponents to challenge and conquer. Her respect for chess brought about a new sense of motivation, and slowly she began branching out wherever she could so she could hang out with her friends more. This led her to find new activities, such as practicing drama which she excelled at thanks to her inherent talent and the encouragement of her new friends. She also invested a great deal of free time in practicing photography and drawing, which she shared with her friends and the old Noctowl whenever she visited him. He pushed her to attend classes regularly, and so she only used her talents to avoid silly activities that her parents planned (e.g. origami napkin folding classes), to see him, and she began to visit the plaza less and less...until one day he vanished. This caused her bad behavior to come back in full force, she felt rejected, and secluded herself--cutting off communication with her new friends and ditching school. Her parents had it with this, and decided that perhaps a big city wasn’t the best place for her to practice the violin and that maybe the Armonia Institute on Faraway Island might be better suited to their daughter’s strange behavior--at least for the duration of this “phase”.

:bulletblack: Summary Characteristic: Hates to lose.

:bulletblack: Hobbies: Juniper enjoys playing chess competitively, taking photos and drawing things from the world around her, and classical music--despite her own disdain for practicing the violin. She also enjoys using her Illusion ability to trick others and stir up “drama” when she doesn’t get enough time role-playing in her drama classes.

:bulletblack: Moveset: Trick, Fake Tears, Punishment, Foul Play
:iconpsychictypeplz: Trick: (Type: Psychic / Category: Status / Contest: Smart) The user catches the target off guard and swaps its held item with its own. Juniper learned this sleight-of-hand technique during her time with the old Noctowl elder she met in the park. He often played their chess games faster than one could usually follow, and she quickly learned to keep her eyes wide-open at all times. She is able to swap the Dark Gem earrings on her ear with her target's item and uses this for pranks.
:icondarktypeplz: Fake Tears: (Type: Dark / Category: Status / Contest: Smart) The user feigns crying to fluster the target, harshly lowering its Sp. Def stat. After years of throwing sincere tantrums to no benefit, Juniper has almost forgotten how to cry, but is still capable of putting on the waterworks when it works to her benefit with strangers. If she's not careful though, these can easily slide into True Tears.
:icondarktypeplz: Punishment: (Type: Dark / Category: Physical / Contest: Smart) This attack's power increases the more the target has powered up with stat changes. Something she picked up from her parents, and her teachers or tutors that tried to control her. Juniper waits while her opponent builds their confidence up to tear them down. She unfortunately has the bad habit of allowing her cynicism about life bring this up in social problems, too.
:icondarktypeplz: Foul Play: (Type: Dark / Category: Physical / Contest: Not Available) The user turns the target's power against it. The higher the target's Attack stat, the greater the damage. Similar to Punishment, Juniper is capable of taking an opponent's strengths and using it for her own gain in battle. She fights dirty when she has to...and where she learned this is a strange mystery.
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i love her but i'm 24.
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All this Pokemonstudents in Armonia... I allways wonder what they would look like fully evolved... Hm, a Zoroark mit Glasses xDDD

I LOOOOOVE Juniper ^^ she has such a cute face o.o
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