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April 13
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Hime Tenshi Ai Akuma Kuro Densetsu the 1st by Heatheru Hime Tenshi Ai Akuma Kuro Densetsu the 1st by Heatheru


Brought to you by the amazing Suika-Azuto

Hime Tenshi Ai Akuma Kuro Densetsu the 1st, but you call me Selvia Cordelia Tesla Rosalind Fable Sophia if you’re from Unova.
Age: 12
Birthday: January 33
Gender: Female
Pokémon: (#9001) Mega Umbreon
Ability: Legendary
Nature/Summary Characteristic: Kawaii/ Super Cute
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 50lbs
Type 1: Magic
Type 2: Fairy Tale

Saying I have a home town would just be silly. I never stay in one place for very long, I’m always traveling all across the world. I mean it’s not surprising considering I am a famous idol, rapper, and model. I do a lot of performing for my fans, and my fans I mean everyone because everyone loves my music.

What am I like? I am too good for anyone and everyone who ever thought about me. When I walk down the street people usually give me free stuff because I am really cute. I am a pretty nice girl but if you look at me I will punch you IN THE FACE. I am SERIOUS. Except on weekends, desu! No really I will kill you and your family. I have a sweet side, but I am usually angry because no one understands me. Some days I think about how I will take over the world when I am old enough, but it's so boring being perfect!!!

Where to begin…On the night of a full moon at the break of twilight I was born from a beautiful white rose that was created by my mother and father Xernas and Yvetal. Since my parents are legendary pokemon it is no surprise that I was one as well. In fact I was double the legendary they were and I had a new typing which was Magic and Fairytale. This means that I have all the strengths of all types and have the ability to learn any and all moves. I even have a special move I created all my own known as Sugoi Beam. It can K.O. any opponent, and it never misses.

Silly me I’m getting off topic, where was I? Oh of course. I finished college at the age of six. I went on to get three masters and two doctorates (Masters in: Business, Language, and modeling. Doctorate in: Astrophysics and Neuroscience). I could have done more, but being an idol, rapper, model on top of being the president’s daughter of Unova and the Princess of Kalos…made my schedule a little crazy.

I spend most of my free time helping the less fortunate by curing their illnesses with my ability Legendary, but now I’m bored. I have spent all my life doing things for other people. I’ve saved Kalos from sure destruction and helped bring peace to all the regions. I had already learned all the languages possible including Klingon, Elvish, sign language on top of creating my own language (Kawaiinse). So now there is only one thing left to do. I must find the perfect husbando. Using my special psychic powers (waaaay stronger than a regular psychic type btw) I located St. Mortiel as the place I found find my husbando. So now I am on my way to find my true love desu.

Level: ∞ (Infinity)
Learn Set:
Oh don’t be a silly billy, I already told you I can learn any move.

Move Set:
In fact, I already know them all. I’m not limited to only four moves like some pokemon, I can and do know them all. But if you must know you can read my entire set here

School Schedule:
I’m a too high a level for any of these classes so I just go to whatever class I want or I just hang out around campus.

Extra Curricular Activities:
I’m in all of the clubs. The school was so impressed by my education and awards they made me leader/captain of all the clubs and sports teams tee hee. Of course, everyone is super thrilled to have me leading them, they practically begged me.

Extras/Fun Facts:
- I’m ½ Japanese, 1/5 unown, 100000% legendary, 1/15 Unovican, 12% Kalsoian, ¼ super sayian, and 12% perfection.

- I have created a cure for every known illness

- I have many different awards, way too many to list, but a couple are: the best rapper, model, idol award, the noble peace prize, miss universe, the best member of mensa, etc.

- I’m really good at baking and cooking, and I love making food for everyone and it will only take me like four minutes to complete everything tee hee.

- I’m Astro-sexual and if you don’t know that means you’re just ignorant and need to go read some more books.

-  My uncle is Arceus, I’m his favorite niece.

- The marks on my face and stomach are birth marks and give me extra power and kawiiness

- I have a tattoo on my chest that says ‘Notice me Sempai’. I got it because I know my husbando will be my Sempai.
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