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July 21, 2013
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Bennet Brighton: PKMN Crossing by Heatheru Bennet Brighton: PKMN Crossing by Heatheru
Bennet made it in! So happy~ :3!!
Update 1/21/2012 with new information.
Update 4/22/2012 with a fourth move.
Update 9/22/2012 ...big, big update...(Evolution!)
Update 7/21/2013 with reorganized information, a tidbit more added to the trivia sections, and new template. I may update it again with fresh art if I find the time to draw some. Soon as PKMN-Crossing re-opens submissions I'll be uploading this and removing his old app from the group (just in case I do update his art).
Update 8/8/2013 With the extreme changes in Pokette Town's government system, the cafe within the town's Museum was closed and Bennet is both unemployed and homeless. Yay, character development! lols.
Update 10/2/2013 NEW LOOK /owo/ Changed his hair, finally drew him to actual height, and uhm, yeah. I hope the chibi placement is okay, I can remove though if not.

:new: 2/19/2014 Guess who's back > v > huhuhu


▋ NAME: Bennet Brighton
▋ SPECIES: Luxio
▋ GENDER: Male
▋ BIRTHDAY: September 22 (1995)
▋ ZODIAC: Virgo
▋ AGE: 18
▋ NATURE: Naive
▋ CHARACTERISTIC: Often dozes off.
▋ CATCHPHRASE: "Diggit."
▋ JOB: Works part time in the city nearby as a waiter.
Previously worked Part-Time at the Museum's Roost as a waiter, bus-boy, delivery boy and all around 'do anything Brewster didn't feel like doing himself' employee.
(His parents think he's training to be an Electrician Apprentice.)
▋ HOMETOWN: Sandgem Town

▋ HISTORY: Bennet comes from a long line of electricians. Together, with a firm consisting of other electric Pokemon, his family helps repair and install new power lines and telephone poles to the various Pokemon centers across the Sinnoh region. Naturally his parents are both Electric Pokemon, his mother being a Luxio and his father a Luxray. He also has two siblings, both Luxios with Hardy and Serious natures respectively; they take their electrician apprenticeship with an air extreme dedication border-lining on obsessive. Though Bennet has a deep appreciation for electricity, he never quite inherited his family's interest in information networking and all the technical details that went with it.

Often while his parents and two older sisters were away on long-distance electrical wire repair trips; Bennet spent a lot of time at the beach on Route 219, just south of Sandgem. He usually took this time to doodle or paint in solitude. Occasionally he'd use this space to develop his control over electricity; something his parents assured him he'd need in the future for many things. The sand acted as a perfect ground for his stray sparks, and typically it prevented him from inflicting injury on any bystanders. Ironically, this is how he developed an unusual hobby: marble making.

While practicing a particularly powerful Charge, he accidentally let a stray Spark loose and noticed a peculiar effect on the sand below as it struck the earth. His electricity glassed the sand into a small pebble shape, much like a marble. He slowly perfected his technique until he was able to create different sorts of sand glass marbles. Certain his parents would disapprove of his methods, calling it haphazard and reckless or foolhardy, he kept the origins of these marbles to himself. His busy parents never questioned Bennet's growing collection; whatever kept their son out of their daughters' electrical engineering studies was fine by them.

As he grew older, Bennet's parents routinely began to press him to take part in their repair and setup trips. In order to improve his skills as an electrician, his parents sent him to Pokette Town to observe how the residents of Pokette arranged their power lines during its redevelopment. In a rare moment of cleverness, Bennet had initially proposed the idea to his parents after seeing a spotlight newscast on television with the intention of using the trip to find fresh sand to invent new varieties of marbles. With a small sum of money, they sent their only son off on what they believed to be the start of his proud career as an electrician. Bennet really couldn't be any happier than a prospector setting off for gold.

Aside from making marbles, doodling, and painting; he also used the static electricity built up in his forearms to crochet and knit scarves and other small garments with a great deal of speed and precision. Bennet hopes to make new friends and to see the famous Able sisters' store.

▋ NICKNAME: Ben, Butterscotch, Bean, Disciple, Blue-thing, Sandwich
▋ HEIGHT: 5'3" (160 cm)
▋ WEIGHT: 143 lbs (65 kg)
▋ HOBBIES: Collecting marbles, glass sculpting, sketching, reading, knitting, painting
▋ ACRE: (?) Previously E4, then E5...
▋ FAVORITE DRINK: Green Tea with Lemongrass and Spearmint
▋ FAVORITE FOOD: Kettle-corn, Hazelnuts, Almonds, or Pistachios
▋ ACCESSORIES: Yellow scarf, dark blue shirt, (not pictured are) black beret, winter coat, yellow knit hat, over-sized boots

▋ ABILITY: Intimidate: Intimidate lowers the opponent's Attack stat by one stage upon entering the battle. It is triggered both when a battle begins and when a Pokémon with Intimidate switches into battle. It affects all opponents in double and triple battles. Has no effect on Pokémon who are immune to Attack stat reductions, such as Pokémon with Clear Body, Hyper Cutter, or White Smoke. If this Pokémon is in the lead spot of your party, then the rate of wild Pokémon battles, whose level is at least 5 levels less than that of this Pokémon, is cut in half. Often not taken seriously, Bennet inherited this ability from his father's line. This ability activates unconsciously at the beginning of verbal or physical battles and manifests itself in a more confident outlook on the situation more often than actually producing a downgrade in his opponents' attacks. Those around Bennet when Intimidate is activated feel a resonance of dominance which can roughly be sourced back to the Luxio.

:iconnormaltypeplz: Flash: (Category: Status / Contest: Beauty) The user flashes a bright light that cuts the target's accuracy. It can also be used to illuminate caves. Lowers the voltage of all judges by 1, during contest. Bennet inherited this move as an HM passed down to him by his father’s line. Typically results in situations where Bennet experiences a high adrenaline reaction from being surprised or frightened. If Bennet is very afraid or stressed for a long period of time, his fight or flight response triggers Flash, too.
:iconelectrictypeplz: Discharge: (Category: Special Attack / Contest: Cool) A flare of electricity is loosed to strike the area around the user. It may also cause paralysis. (Power 80, 30% chance to inflict Paralysis). Bennet inherited this move as an egg move passed down to him by his father’s line. He has learned to harness it both to glass sand into the shape of marbles as well as to protect himself effectively thanks to his teacher Richter. Bennet builds up a charge in his forearms before performing any electrical move, but this is most prominent when he is about to use Discharge. Without proper focus, this move can be very dangerous if Bennet is emotionally unstable. Also of note, if released with a small charge, this move can be used similar to a defibrillator to resuscitate fainted Pokemon.
:iconelectrictypeplz: Charge: (Category: Status / Contest: Smart) The user boosts the power of the Electric move it uses on the next turn. It also raises the user's Sp. Def stat. Bennet learned this move by leveling up. He has used it to double the power of Discharge to create more refined marbles. When not creating glass, Charge may activate at times when Bennet begins to feel stressed and generally manifests itself in glowing bands above his wrists. If held for too long, this move has the capacity to strain or permanently damage the muscles in his forearms.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Swagger: (Category: Status / Contest: Cute) The user enrages and confuses the target. However, it also sharply raises the target's Attack stat. Due to Bennet's time spent hanging around his mentor, the notoriously suave "Richter the Persian", Bennet was able to pick up this move. A glimmer in the eye, a smirk, and a slight change in his demeanor is displayed when this move activates. Usually more effective than his natural ability, this move plays off Bennet's sense of confidence and boosts his self esteem in a way that can be perceived as arrogant or bragging.


Bennet’s girlfriend is Michelle “Mimi” the Leafeon, they met while on the bus to Pokette Town and were friends ever since. Bennet slowly realized he was developing feelings for her after a certain “Attract” incident. She introduced him to gardening, peppermint hot chocolate, and the winter depression that grass-types experience in the winter.

Bennet has a secret collection of pressed autumn leaves that he keeps inside the two-dozen overdue library books in his home. Growing up in a beach town where snow was a rare occurrence caused him to cherish the many different colors of the leaves and seasons in Pokette Town. However, he has yet to find a suitable substitute aside from the borrowed books, and is currently looking at an overdue fee upwards of 12,000 bells.

Though many believe that Bennet’s favorite food is cupcakes, his interest in them was caused by his first meeting with Buttar the Pichu. He was stricken with an unexplainable crush and he kept running into her and cupcakes in the same situations--including the Dream World, which is mostly populated by giant cupcakes outside of Candy Mountain. He has since shifted his feelings to Mimi, but still maintains a peculiar appreciation for cupcakes.

Bennet may be working at the Roost as a member of the wait-staff and cleaning crew to cover his debt at the library, but he originally began his employment there to cover everyday costs of living as well as the repair costs for the hole in his roof. In the interim, his teacher Richter the Persian has allowed for him to stay at his house, which conveniently is right across the way from Mimi’s in Acre C2.

Despite Bennet’s intense fear of Bug-Pokemon, he has grown a level of tolerance with ones that he has met that he knows to be friendly (e.g. Scolly, Coin’s pet). His fear of bugs generally stems from their unfamiliar nature and appearance, there weren’t many bugs in Sandgem Town. His sisters often taunted him with stories about scary insects, particularly haunted Joltiks in mistletoe around the holidays. In contrast to this, he is very comfortable with water and is comfortable around smaller Fish Pokemon. He was able to catch a Magikarp during his first Fishing Tourney at Pokette and named his pet “Sushi”, recalling that it had something to do with fish and not that it was actually a food made from them.

Due to the fact that Bennet has still not confessed the truth about his living conditions in Pokette Town (specifically his supposed apprenticeship with an electrician), he sought to gain a room-mate to cover living expenses and to generally fill up the emptiness in his home. This came in the form of an alien-obsessed, constellation-lover by the name of Spencer. This Ambipom has been there for Bennet nearly as many times as Richter, especially when it came to cooking things without setting the kitchen on fire.

Bennet evolved into a Luxio on the morning of his seventeenth birthday in 2012. The reasons for this sudden evolution are unknown, but theories include relation to stress, maturity brought on by life experiences in Pokette Town, or perhaps genetics (considering that both his older sisters evolved at much earlier ages).

Bennet is also the godfather of Evelyn and Richter Hawthorne's child, Vanessa Hawthorne. He hasn't yet figured out what being a "godfather" entails though, but takes his role seriously. While he tries to set a good example for the young Vulpix, Bennet still is just as much of a kid himself most of the time. His Summary Characteristic stems from his his video game counterpart that was kindly bred for me by stormthefox, and considering how many times Bennet falls asleep while fishing this seemed to suit him.

As of August 2013, with Pokette Town's government seizure by Poketopia, Bennet and many of his fellow neighbors found themselves being relocated. However, while in the process of this, Bennet (and his room-mate Spencer) are currently sharing a tent in the general wilderness of Pokette and have placed the majority of their furniture and possessions into storage. More jarring was Bennet's dismissal from his position at the town Museum's Café (The Roost) during its closing. So until the Café and Brewster return to Pokette, Bennet is taking up various odd-jobs and looking for opportunities with his neighbors.

Between December 2013 and late February 2014, Bennet had relocated to nearby Poketopia City where he worked part-time as a waiter at a restaurant, and a bus-boy at a diner in the evenings to make rent. He grew tired of the city life though quickly, and without a proper education he was unable to find a proper way to make a living in the urban environment. So he moved back to Pokette Town, but still works part-time as a waiter in the city. He's looking to relocate to a job that's more local, but he's also trying to apply to a college in the city. Slooowly he's starting to realize that his parents intentions were not to suffocate him, but they were actually hoping to give him opportunities that he would not otherwise have without an education.

He's also moving in with his long-time girlfriend at her home to try and find more time to spend with her with his busy schedule... > v >

Bennet Brighton (Reference) by heatherkat

Bennet Brighton: PKMN Crossing by heatherkat PKMN Crossing: Bennet by heatherkat
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